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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #8
Time:9:27 pm.
only in New Jersey can you be yelled at for being stopped at a legal red light by some asshole in a beemer.

Ass-puppet: "Move your fucking car!"
Moi: "Who cares more about their paint job, you or me!?"

how's that for a random and useless thought...
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Saturday, September 10th, 2005

Subject:Sleepless conversations are cool
Time:8:12 am.
Bobby: i shall catch quick Z's before i am lectured by my aunt today
Kyösti: *nods* And I must go bathe. ^^ ...with David. *cough*
Bobby: kiki heavy petting
Kyösti: Possibly. You never know. XD But I thought petting was on the chest. o.o; *blinks* I am confuzzled.
Bobby: if you think that, you are more innocent then you look. lol ::whispers:: people pet down there too
Kyösti: #o.o#
Bobby: you see when the birds and the bees love each other they pet and make babies. And that, son, is how kittens are born
Kyösti: ...what happens if a bee and a bee want to be together? XD
Bobby: they can't. they're all females so it's just hot musty honey tounge in groove lesbian bee love
Kyösti: Hmm... what about two male birds?
Bobby: they'd prolly gut each other with attempts at oral
Kyösti: ...thanks for that disturbing mental image. XD;
Bobby: thank you for asking
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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005

Subject:War of the Worlds was the shit, dun let anyone tell you differently.
Time:9:34 am.
Mood: frustrated.
i emurged from the theature with an altered perspective. and outside the theature, an electrical storm was buzzing in the air, throwing lightning between clouds and between ground and air. thunder rumbled like an odd rhythmic heartbeat, consistant and odd. and my heart lept in a sort of childlike terror i had not felt in years.

i didn't get much sleep that night.

after a time of giving up trying to sleep i look up reveiws on the movie i just saw and i was shocked. afterall, when i was watching the movie i was gasping, cringing, on the edge of my seat, and wondering "what would i do if this happened to me??" and i open reveiws that say that this movie was the worst movie and the biggest dissapointment in cinima history.

I am of course talking about War of the Worlds. A good book, a great radio show, and an awesome classic film. and staying as true as it could be to it all, yet adding the quirks and amazing SFX these times will allow, it was not just a sci fi movie, but a horror movie. it's not as vuage as the movie, the radio show, and the book were concerning the actions of the aliens as you were just following a man hiding out. and though it is deliciously graphic, it's not whoring itself off with gore. blood splays the land, you know why, but you cannot SEE how. the army fights the aliens, there are explosions and panic, but you cannot SEE the battle.

of course this is a big problem for critics. they wanna see stuff. know everything. do they really need to SEE everything when it was spelled out for them the moment the mammoth alien tripod bursts from beneath the very earth?? i mean, seriously. how unimaginative can bitchy critics get? and the biggest complaint from people who hate the movie is that they don't know why the aliens are attacking. or why they kill some but harvest others. or why they do this or why they do that. but the critics failed to see that what the director is trying to do (as the 1950's movie did) was make you feel like a civilian. you're not a fucking alien who knows the motives of your actions, no, you are the civilian running for your life and wondering "why god, why!" the aliens don't need to have a method to their madness to make them terrifying, it is the fact that they are merciless to others yet "merciful" to the harvested that make them even MORE frightening.

you leave the movie theature going "we have done nothing to them, yet they feel rightious in destroying us utterly, what could we have done to them?" you know what you could have done to them? nothing! News flash, sometimes poeple (or aliens) hate us for no good reason! and SOMETIMES they feel that is a good enough reason for us to die. good enough explination to me of why the aliens laid the smackdown. critics need to get off the god damn baby bottle. wah wah wah.

people who dun like the movie are also not a fan of the ending, and while i will not say what the ending is, it states simply this. in the end, we had no control. we're fucked. the aliens were prepared and superior. shit happens. we loose.

i'm not sure what movie those critics saw, but it wasn't the same one i saw. cause what i saw was War of the Worlds, baby. and i suggest you see it too!
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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #7
Time:6:09 am.
Mood: satisfied.
holy shit i saw Batman Begins and it haven't clapped for a movie in such a long time!! what a great movie! what a fucking great movie! i walked out of the theature giddy that they took my money, it was worth every penny.

now i know it might seem shadey that i think so highly of the film. afterall i thought exuberently high about Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith didn't I? well this movie is a different kind of good. the kind that makes you gawk and cry and gasp and laugh (the comedy is funny and appropriate). the badguys aren't even contrived!

two words: Bat Mobile. or is that one... never the less, i will spare any spoilers and just make the plea to you all, go see that movie go go! and when you do, tag me and let me know, then when you;re done THAT, encourage your friends to see it. no need to pirate it either, it's worth every penny spent. it's exactly how batman should have always been.

Bat...Mobile.... ::sigh::
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Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #6
Time:6:09 am.
Mood: curious.
What's with cats and their love affair with my shoes?
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Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #5
Time:9:40 pm.
dun get me wrong. i LOVE Episode Three. Infact i have seen it 5 times. FIVE! And i'd see it again dammit i would! ::pounds gavel made of furr:: However... Lucus cannot write a script to save himself. so in celebration of his crap writing, i was joking around with a friend of mine. as it says in my AIM Profile, this is what we came up with:

--Lines that Shoulda Been in Episode 3--</center>

Aniken: You are so... beautiful.

Padme: It's only be--

Aniken: Shh... sssh.. you're too beautful to speak.

- - * - -

Youngling: Masta Skywalka, The'a too many ov'them. Whut ar' we goeing to doo?

Aniken: (pauses, ignites lightsaber)

Youngling: God bless us, ev'ry one.

- - * - -

Obi-Wan: Aniken, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!

Aniken: From my point of veiw, the Jedi are evil!

Obi-Wan: Wh--What the hell kind of line is that!?

Aniken: Hey, I deliver 'em, I don't write 'em.

- - * - -

Obi-Wan: It's over Aniken, I have the high ground!

Aniken: You seem to be having dellusions of grandur, my master. You are no longer the general of an army.. you are one man! One man holding a hill! A hill overlooking lava! Lava I can easily FORCE PUSH you into!

Obi-Wan: Oh yeah...

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Monday, May 30th, 2005

Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #4
Time:9:30 pm.
Mood: cranky.
this is actually a RaUT i found while fiddling with my layout, actually, more like two. enjoy:

you get two R.a.U.T. today! Mostly because since my index page died and no one got the last one. enjoy!

Aah Love Day. Too many times it has been preached to me the horrors of the "hallmark holiday". but to those who scoff and turn away in anger at the prospect of V-Day, i say, apox on thee! kiki

oh yes, certainly love shouldn't be regulated to one day, it should be every day, right? Well you sillyheads, take into consideration the purpose of a holiday. it's to celebrate or pay homage to something. To celebrate and pay homage to love on one day surely doesn't do love justice, but that is what Valentines Day is. It's the celebration that we can show love. A gift to be recognized and be grateful for since it is around year round. Don't have a girl/boyfriend? Well, Love Day is all well and good for lovers, but you needen't morn on that day for lack of intimate love. no sir! you have parents, don't you? a sibling? best friend? don't you love them too? give them chocolate and flowers, they will surely appreciate it as much as any girl/boyfriend. so snap out of it!

In closing, i hope Love Day brings you as much love and warmth to carry over the whole year round! MWUAH!

I am just sick of my poor siblings being harassed because they are my siblings. and this rant is particularly in favor of my sister Kris and my brother Kyö as they have been harassed several times for this. you dun have to read on if you dun wanna, it's gunna get ugly.

who the fuck do you think you are harassing my siblings like that! you know who you are! what makes you think you can judge who should be my sibling based on their artistic prowess? shallow fucking cunts you are! oh i suppose i can only be siblings with elitest dollers because i just have to have siblings on my own artistic level? since when did any rules of conduct based in this dolling community and courting siblings say that?

did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, i'm siblings with them because i LIKE them? that i talk to them and can relate with them on subjects other then dolling? and we got those who harass my siblings saying they "are only popular cause [they] suck up to the popular dollers" and that "[they] are only siblings with [me] because they want to leech off [my] popularity"? Fuck you! Fuck you alot you worthless, miserable, creatures!

last i checked I ASKED KRIS! OH yes, certainly leeching off of me indeed. if it were not for her, half the dolls and bases on this site wouldn't fucking be here, especially the Hands bases. those bases those say i donated to her out of pity. she shaded them and gave them faces, i say that's a big fuckin deal.

So what if Kyö toolshades! does that make him unworthy of me? if he has alot of siblings he must have earned them, mustn't he? it's not like he sucked dick for coke to get siblings, he was actually a charismatic intelligent person! he deserves all his siblings and the popularity he gets!

send me hatemail all you want for having them as siblings and i'll gladly tell you how wrong you are. but send my siblings harassing messages and threats because they are siblings with me and i'll just have to shut Bunnystick the fuck down. if it's existence is causing my siblings greif, it's just as easy to get rid of it and continue to talk to them as they ARE my siblings.

::fixes hair:: so next time you have questions or complaints about the siblings i have, kindly direct the hatemail to me. okie? ::smiles:: there i feel better.
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Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #3
Time:3:47 am.
Mood: hopeful.
i received an email asking about the kind of contests to run. when i replied i thought, when i opened back up, i would share it. then archive it for future reference. here is what i replied with:

contests.. contests. well poeple usually love a contest they can wrap themselves around. simple ideas to spawn great creativity. here are some popular ideas to get a clue of what i am talking about:

Palette Contests: colors can be very inspirational to dollers, especially when they are preordained. they are usually my more favorite contests. but that is because i use the colors for everything they are worth. but alot of entries you will get are just the colors used to make hair/pants/skirt/shirt type of doll.

Based Off of Pictures Contests: Good pictures to doll off of can garner many entries. when running these contests, be sure to pick pictures where just about every detail needed can be seen. if you give pictures that are only pictures of faces or profiles with busts or plain pictures, or EVEN black and white pictures, don't expect much.

Doll My Character/Mascots Contests: well, if they inspire you to draw, surely they can inspire someone else. but be warned in contests like this, if the doller doesn't have artistic liberty, the contest can fall flat quick, but in the same token, if there is not alot about the character that is interesting or not enough information (or too much in the case of a contest of mine), OR not enough examples, the contest can go dead quick. be well prepared before you run a contest like this.

Pagent Contests: usually the name of these contests will sell the contest. for instence "Sexiest Elven Guy" or "Miss 80's Cartoon" and stuff like that. there are two ways to run a contest like this. either you make them doll you one thing specifically like in the "Sexiest Elven Guy" that you will be judging on. or you give them three catagories to fullfill (which is more potential for awards for your winners) like Casual, Sporty, Formal, Swimsuit, Regular Outfit. stull like that.

Era Contests: contests that are broad in only their genre leaves lots of room for entries to explore. like sci-fi, fantasy, renissance, mordern. that kind of thing.

One Object Contests: these contests revolve around the inclusion of a specific and manditory object. like "doll with a hat" or "doll with a fan" you can specify what the object must look like or you can say that the doll has to have that object but it can be of their design. those can be fun contests.

Base Edit Contests: people will run these contests and be very much "oh woe is me, why didn't anyone enter?" and the answer to that is usually a simple one. the base is impossbile to doll on. it downright sucks sometimes! so when you run contests like this, make damn sure that the bases are worth it. cause usually when contests like these fail, it's not the fault of the community, it's the fault of the contest runner for providing crappy bases.

Lyric (And Sometimes Poem) Contest: these contests are hard to run and usually go dead quick. so when you run a contest like this, expect dissapointment, even if you don't get it. when running these contests make sure of a few things. (1) The lyrics are NOT abstract in their meaning. (2) The lyrics have a theme, setting, a character, or a focus for a doller to embellish upon (3) songs about emotion are usually negitive emotion and so you will usually get dark negitive dolls. (4) the song is in ENGLISH or at least when it is translated, it makes sense. I'll tell you why~> (5) you have the music for them to listen to. just lyrics won't cut it half the time as mostly the lyrics are their best when sung.

Here are some examples of good lyrical references: Within Temptation - Mother Earth and Orgy - Fiction

Here are some examples of bad lyrical references:Evanescence - Hello and System of a Down - Chop Suey

Elemental Contests: give em elements and they shall come. fire, water, ice, wind, earth, night, or day. they love that shit.

Jrock/Movies/Famous People: i suppose if everyone else likes the famous person or movie the contest if after, the contest should be a hit.

if you start a contest, i suggest posting your contests at the CCB. the link is at my site. poeple go there alot. do some light tagging around, not to advertize but to compliment on the doller. usually the doller who owns the tagboard will visit your site 80% of the time. and then they will inadvertantly be sucked into browsing around, so long as it is browser friendly. and so will other taggers sometimes 40% of the time.

when wondering about judges. you can do email-me voting, but people don't bother with those. you can do poll judging, but they are not very reliable. use polls if you are indecisive or want a People's Choice. you can get judges but you have to wait for their descision and sometimes they too are inreliable for a fast answer. or you can go with your gut and judge it yourself.
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Subject:DA fuckin sucks.
Time:3:38 am.
Mood: tired.
alright... i think i am being paitient with DA (DeviantArt for those of you who are's saaaaavvy) but HONESTLY! shit has just gone down the preverbial drain there. jesus, first they won't let you update icons, then they have broken images everywhere, then they won't post submissions, banner ads everywhere (as an old master of Angelfire, it's something i've grown to tollerate), then specific deviation catagories are *broken* (???), they shut down time after time after time, they won't delete my god damn messages! now, i took this screencap of this not too long ago, observe the picture very carefully. i am sure it will be changed, but... observe.

December 31...1969???!!! I wasn't even ALIVE then!!

If DA is so hell bent on trying to tell me to sign up, to join, maaaaybe they should make it worth my while and fix the fuckin bugs. how the hell did it get so god damn bad?? HOW!? someone explain to me!
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Friday, April 15th, 2005

Subject:It's good that i'm not God
Time:7:31 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
I was remanicing the other day that i would really like it if i owned a remote control with one nice shiney button on it. that if i would press it then explosives built in someone's knees would go off. no one in particular, just anyone's knees. and only one person. it's only the kind of thing you could do once really. but i imagine that if i pressed the button that kind of shit would be on the news.

"..earlier today, a gameshow host was making his way onto stage when suddenly his kneecaps exploded. more on entertainment after the weather..."

yeah.... i want that.
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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

Subject:Small Acheivement
Time:6:26 am.
Mood: jubilant.
sorry, just have to post my "Refusing to Bite My Nails Cold Turkey" update!

Before (FUCKIN UGLY!) ~~> end of Febuary 05' ~> the begining of April

::beams:: i'm so excited, i feel all dainty when i type now. though i seem to scrape and scratch myself by accident alot lately, i think it's a technicality i can get used to. besides ::squeek:: i can see some of them over the tips of my fingers!
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Subject:Someone update the Pope
Time:5:26 am.
Mood: aggravated.
What purpose could a holy billion year old anamatronic old man have in this world aside from looking really creepy in a chef's hat and making (or trying to make) signs of the cross (well, no actually, i think that's all he's left in his program to do anyway.)?

That's right, who hasn't heard that Pope-E is at his last legs, his final hurrah, his kiss the girls (what the hell)? And why shouldn't he? Afterall, he is one of god's creatures, right? RIGHT!? On the contrary, God hates him. A lot. God wants the Pope to live. To remind him that religion is pimped around in a "Pope-Mobile" with a bullet proof glass dome (hopefully with breathing holes). That the Holy are too scared to get killed by the people in faithless fear that heaven will not be awaiting them... so therefore they must hide in a fucking snowglobe on wheels? Good one, there. God's playing beer pong and is slurring his speech, i swear to..er:

"What was that God?"
"Pooooe...Slurr..Another 50 yeaaarrzzz...Ii..I hate Popesss"
"Are you saying let the pope live another fifty years?"
"Are you sure, God? Isn't that a bit much?"
"Hey you cheatered..inging"
"How is it i can beat you at beer pong, God?"

::clicks off beta VCR:: And it just goes on from there. Unless Bill Gates is figuring out a new and BETTER version of the Pope (Version .05, now with...virus protection? ::ZING:: oooh that was just a bad one, huh folks?). But really, we are in desperate need of a newer model anyway. I mean, this one was young (and questionably hot) at one time in his life... now is not the time anymore.

Let the man die, God. Just let him die! Let him die without feeling his body constrict in only ways you, God, can giggle like a schoolgirl to see. Let him die painlessly, and QUICKLY! You've shot him (countlessly), stabbed him, poisoned him, made him speak to endless lines of small ugly ugly children, took away his speech then had him speak to whole crowds incoherently, had photographers take bad (and fucking hillarious) pictures of him, gave him a URINARY TRACT INFECTION, ceribral pausly(?) AND forced him into celebacy!!

Stop praying for him to live! Have you no pity, no shame, no remorse? Are you THAT greedy!? I pray he goes and he goes quick, and maybe, JUST maybe, he will be staring at a hot young nun and die with a fucking smile on his face! Let him die, let him die, GOD IF YOU LOVE YOUR ACOLYTE, LET HIM FUCKING DIE ALREADY!


Besides, according to St. Malachy, we've only three more popes left until the appocolypse, and unless i get reincarnated, i'm not sure what you are trying to prevent here.

Amen and all that.
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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Subject:Porn name. what is yours?
Time:5:53 pm.
to play this game simply give me the name of your first pet and name of the street that intersects the one you live on

Kyo - Johannes Selbourne
Me - Dusty Broadway
Ramone - Sharky Main

you might be surprised or, rather, disgusted with the outcome of your porn name! only help to put a few more people in the industry ::wink::
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Monday, March 14th, 2005

Subject:memorable aim conversation i thought i'd share
Time:8:23 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Bobby: I would love to bring children into the world but what guarantee will I have that they will be alright, ya know. it's not that I wouldn't love them, oh no. I would. with all my heart. but I’d be so financially fucked for at least, minimum, 20 years of my life that the thought makes me want to cringe at the thought of having a baby. no wonder so many women are tearing babies from their wombs rather then deal with that. women's choice indeed. if the government didn't oppress the working class so precipitously there would be a hell of a lot less abortions and abandoned babies. a baby comes OUT of the womb costing thousands of dollars

Jorshie: that sucks

Bobby: hospital bills, and you pray it's a healthy and clean delivery or you're paying out the ass

Jorshie: well, then there are the wonderful mexicano's that have 20 kids and trust me, I’ve seen the stereotype.

Bobby: safe sex? pfft. this nation is begging for abortions, safe sex should be FREE. condoms, gynos and birth control is fuckin expensive

Jorshie: yes it is. I don’t quite understand why its like 5 bucks for 2 condoms. The Roman Catholics must be onto something ^.^ and while we're speaking about abortions and death

Bobby: its much more expensive for a woman, especially in nj with the malpractice suits and shit chasing doctors away, to remain protected from pregnancy let alone stds

Jorshie: ::Watches the trailer with blood and gore for Brothers in Arms::

Bobby: let me see if I can wrap up a healthy un insured gyno's check up and prescriptions, good prescriptions. appointment... I think that's about 225 for an appointment. then there is the prescription which is about 50 something for two months, not bad. then every prescription fro then on for 10 more months is 45 dollars a pop. 45 x 10 = 450. 450 + 225 + 50 = ::breaks out the calculator:: 725. and that's if you just dun want to get pregnant. ooh no we dinna factor in condoms yet. and that's if you only have one gyno appointment in a year. ::smirks::

Jorshie: shit. that's balls. they should give out free condoms at the college your boyfriend goes too. they do here. at the health office. its the least they can do for charging your first born white son to get an education

Bobby: we are looking at about... 950... let's say condoms for regular sexually active couple is 12 in two weeks? 24 in a month? and 24 x 12 = 288. 288 + 950 = 1238. in a year. it's cheaper to have an abortion. that. is. terrifying.

Jorshie: that is bad. you know, I may not agree with you on abortions and all that. but it shouldn't be so fucking expensive to be healthy. and here comes some blasphemous points from me even though I’m a hardcore democrat. If ------- ------- had gotten that new health plan. or at least, the health plan used in Canada and what not.

Bobby: no kidding. and this nation is in a slum. we cannot afford to have safe sex. it's cheaper to pull out or rip it out
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Sunday, March 6th, 2005

Subject:Archived R.A.U.T. #2
Time:11:22 am.
Mood: amused.
alright, so i'm sitting here, not gotten sleep yet mind you, and i am thinking to myself, i say:

"self, i would really like to watch Hamlet right now (you know the one with that chick from Titantic with the tits whose name escapes me cause, well, she's nothing but a pair of tits in my head at 10am). No... wait! I want to see The Lion King! (that's right, Hamlet, to Lion King. same thing, dammit)"

that's right i think in parenthisis.. and then i think to myself:

"NOOO i want to hear that song Scar sings! tha...wha... what the hell is it... Be Prepared! (for that song i am willing to forget Dungeons and Dragons, Mr. Irons! DO MEEE!)"

So then i find it, download it, and listen to it for three or four hours straight. (did you know: By the end of the recording session for "Be Prepared", Jeremy Irons had blown out his vocal cords. Jim Cummings stepped in and finished Scar's vocal part from the line "You won't get a sniff without me!" If you listen, you'll notice the voice change. there's some stupid trivia for you, thank you IMDB!) so then after some odd hours of listening to that song i come up with the bright idea to download every cartoon villain song i could find

Granted, due to the way downloading mp3s are now, i couldn't get every one i wanted, especially at this hour. but so far i got Be Prepared (The Lion King), Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid), Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Mine Mine Mine, Savages Part One and Two (Pocahontas) and Gaston (Beauty and the Beast). now that i look at it, my collection is downright lousey.

Be Prepared is hands down the best Disney Villan song, i think. Meleficent is hands down the best disney villain eeeever. but i could be wrong, eh? Got any suggestions? Got a fav of all time villain song or villain? Give it here! Disney, Fox (like the ones who made Anastasia), etc etc. Cartoons involving songs (so unless there is an anime that breaks into song, dun consider it apart of this RAUT.. though The Black Cauldron and non singy disney movies are. afterall, this isn't an anime discussion) etc etc etc.
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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

Subject:best site Ever!
Time:4:56 am.
endlessly facinating subject to browse around, but really there is nothing creepier then a reversed track of a kid talking backwards on a cold dark night a 5am

Reverse Speech Site

enjoy, comment, sooo creepy
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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Subject:i love tuesday night, i HATE wensday morning
Time:5:18 am.
Mood: annoyed.
tuesday night is always game night, DnD and all. and i love love love it. unfortunately my bed is the fucking couch. that's right folks i sleep on a couch, a pull out bed so uncomfortable that i have to sleep on it in couchform. god what a nightmare it would be if i had a pullout bed to deal with every tuesday (and wensday... hell every day. since my room is the living room). anyway. since my carefully made bed is the couch.. it always gets ruined. joe is very active and jumpy when he plays and shoves my covers in the crevices of the couch, and ian, the moment he sits down, he throws my pillows aside and pulls up the covers to sit on actual couch ::twitch:: observe!

i have to make that shit every wensday night! and now every thursday night too since i DnD wensday night too. making my bed two days in a row, why do i ever bother...

::sigh:: scuse me while i make my bed... aaagain. ::Grumble: can't wait for this shit to be over. someone, hit me with a car
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Monday, February 28th, 2005

Subject:yeah yeah another entry
Time:7:47 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
small as this may seem, this is a huge leap in will power for me since i was a religious nail biter. one day i was stopped in the mall by some chick who buffed my nails. 30 dollars later i had the most expensive emmory board ever. but i was determined to use it, so i buffed my nails all prettylike. one day i bit off my pinkynail and looked in horror as a perfectly good pretty buffed nail was ruined.

i haven't bitten my nails since. look look, i've proof!

Before ~~> After

needless to say, i'm proud ^_^
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Subject:Archived Random and Useless Thought #1
Time:8:52 am.
Mood: contemplative.
for this RaUT, we take a look at a picture. it's a fucking huge picture too. but worth it for the hilarity.

here is the picture.

contempate it. yep.
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Subject:Old Rant Reposted
Time:8:41 am.
Mood: awake.
keep in mind that this is writtin in the guise of my comic character Ashley, a guy. old ass rant but i always post it somewhere.

Why do people think that they have the authority to judge what music is right for someone? Why is it that Pops, Rockers, Goths, Wiggers, and "Punks" alike seem to go guh over an object with a band name on it? I mean, the horror of someone with a Britney Spears shirt on who carries a Green Day lunch box is unnatural! Right? "I mean, like, come on", she walks around going "I like Green Day too" with a little giggle after each word and she should be shunned by the "true Green Day fans" huh? Well aren't you just the bigger person for ignoring that girl then whining about how "she is sooo not punk".

Well, you people sicken me. You, who throw around the word "poser" as much as you throw around the word "love"! You, who don't even know what it means to be punk. You who put punk and pop into the same sentence; in the same context! As if her mere appearance must reflect what she listens to. Well, you psuedo fucks, I’m in all black except for my face and hands, what do I listen to? Mind telling me what genre of music I am now forced to accept because of the way I look and talk? So it's wrong of me to like Shania Twain, Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson, and Eminem at the same time? I guess I’m just supposed to walk around claiming to be Jonny the Homicidal Maniac with my Zim lunchbox and Gir patches. I should spend my waking hours in Hot Topic brooding and glaring at the Pop Princesses who walk in. According to the Universal Invisible Trend Bible, I should be sitting in my dark corner hating myself and you and writing a pretty poem about. Well I assure you, despite what Bobby might think, I hate you for much different reasons, not because I feel I must.

All right, I’m not done yet!

Must I be able to survive a GWAR show in order to be allowed to like GWAR? I’m fucking frail, I couldn’t put my foot in a GWAR show without loosing it! Must I have ManOWar tattooed on my face to have the honored privilege of listening to them on my headphones? I couldn’t take that kind of commitment for a band that got considerably worse as they got progressively new. MUST I be able to translate every Rammstien song in order for me to quietly sing them to myself? Well… Ihre Lieblingsfarbe ist rosafarben! Ihr Bett ist rosafarben! Und Ihr Esel ist rosafarben! I’m sorry I’m not a big meaty metal head, sir! Please don’t hit me and take my Alanis Morissette tickets!

You fucking metal heads aren’t any different when it comes to tagging a trend with a musical genre! You, more so then any trend created by a genre of music, are the bitchiest people I know. “Oh boo hoo, MTV are sell outs. Oh waah waah, MTV is so gay!” Fuck you! You sit there and fucking watch it, regardless! If you don’t like it so very, VERY much, save me the whining and turn it the fuck off. I prefer not to silently scowl at you because I like the song you are making fun of. Don’t you people have jobs or hobbies besides trying to make the ultimate underground band? Well guess what, if a big label offered mad moneys and royalties, you’d fucking “sell out” too!

Hmm who’s next…

Music racists! That’s right! How DARE I like Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot! Skinny white boys in black are only supposed to like that sad sounding white crap, like Tool. Well I’m sorry if my “bling-bling” usually consists of painted-silver fake crosses with plastic red stones and fading painted-silver ball chains from Hot Topic. But, that shit is a lot better then that oversized fake cubic zirconium shit the “pret-ty thugs” wear. So then I guess I can’t listen to Nelly, awe shoo. I’ve never seen music videos whore off their image as much as r&b and rap does, more so then No Doubt since they went “pop-reggae”, but anyway. YOU people who mock me with that very sentence “you listen to our music?”. YOUR music? I thought we lost that train of thought since we were forced to be punished in history class with countless droaning-ons because of the racists acts our ancestors did. Apparently you people, by law, got the soft end of the ruler!

Music is music you racists fucks, despite the color of the HUMAN BEING singing it! Why is it that you now accept the “white rapper”? And don’t say you accepted Vanilla Ice because that’s a fucking lie. Perhaps you accepted Eminem because, you know, he can put rhymes together like only the gods can! Your own style of music was outdone by a whiteboy, kind of puts you music racists in your place doesn’t it? For a genre of music so proud of itself, what with the packrats of the same blacks in every video scowling and putting their fingers in some meaningless gesture chanting “Murder Inc!”, most of your music has sunk itself to the level of T&A, you know, like most or all white-man music, hmm? Sex, violence, money, and drugs are commonly preached in music. In the end your music seems a lot like ours doesn’t it?

Garth Brooks could kick your ass!

What is the huge evil of country music? Someone wears a cowboy hat and all of a sudden they like to line dance at a hoe-down? Is there something wrong with country music that people will cover their ears if Dixie Chicks are on the radio? As if EVERYONE country is from down south with a Texas belt buckle and rides a horse on the freeway. Yee fucking haw. Country by far has the best message out of all of this popular bullshit, untainted beautiful music that didn’t have to crawl from the underground to get heard. It’s just good music, and yet it is considered the root of music evil. Why? Does Willie Nelson own a plantation of black slaves that I don’t know about? Do the Judds wave a Confederate flag in my face? Is Reba singing about having sex with her brother or her cousins or her daddy or her dog skip? NO of course not! Ew country? Go to hell!

Alright you whiners, you complainers….

What do you define as a sell-out? “When bands become really popular, and then they get played on TRL and ‘gay shows like that’ and then everyone suddenly starts to love them, their music gets over played and then people who originally liked them don't anymore” seems to be the universal definition of it doesn’t it? But let me take a moment to point out the “negative” words in this statement: really popular; played; get on TRL; everyone suddenly starts to love them. Now would someone mind telling me what the FUCK is wrong with that? How do you like working for minimum wage? I bet the members of any struggling band hate working menial jobs just to get by. The overall goal of any band is being heard, being liked, and being popular isn’t it?

So I guess when KoRn, Goo Goo Dolls, Metallica, and Christina Aguilera started making money, they started to sound bad, huh? They sound the same to me. So when ANY band starts to make money then by all logical reasoning, they play for the money only, yes? You know, popular bands have to eat too, and so do their kids. Not everyone feels that suffering FOREVER for the music is the best way to live. And the bands that write their own music from their soul thoughts and feelings, and put them out on the musical chopping block for the world to hear, judge, and maybe relate to, only did that so they can rake in the dough? They fucking worked hard to get where they are, just because you don’t make the wages they do doesn’t mean you have the authority to judge someone for wearing their t-shirt.

So, they got on TRL, good for them! Now they have achieved something that is very hard to obtain, even for a long period of time for any band: fame. The sound appeals or doesn’t appeal to many people, and now the sound they have painstakingly tried to get the public to hear is being heard. The people who “originally liked them” shouldn’t be fucking groaning about how they are no longer amongst the holy underground, they should be fucking proud of that band they’ve been following has succeeded and can get their message out to those who are now listening, and not going to their concerts to rag on them and their newly acquired fans.

Next time that girl with the Britney Spears shirt on sports a Green Day lunchbox, tell her why you think it’s wrong, at least, so she can have the opportunity to put you in your place. Music was never made to divide people or define what they are or what they do, it’s fucking music. Music is for everyone, not just for you! So quit bitchin, I know about you singing Oops I Did It Again in the car when no one’s watching!
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